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Support Materials

Think Big Program 1-Day

Upper primary years 4-6

Opening the minds of young people to new ways of achieving goals and building healthy self-esteem. 

The Think Big Program has been designed for children from the ages of 9–12 years.

This program will support children to:

  • Build self-awareness and confidence to make positive choices
  • Create positive self talk through mindfulness
  • Develop creative ways to approach difficult situations
  • Develop tools to build healthy work habits
  • Open their minds to greater possibilities
  • Encourage positive language
What you get:
  • 2 trainers/presenters for 1 day.
  • 1 day packed full of education and fun activities.
  • The presenters will be aided by music, PowerPoint slides and videos to teach the children about:
  • How we think.
  • How habits are formed and how to change unwanted habits easily.
  • How our internal and external language effects our life.
  • How to have a positive self-image.
  • How to make good choices with our behaviour.
  • How to make friends.
  • The power of positivity.
  • How to set and achieve goals.
  • How to bring success into all areas of your life. 

Cost for complete Think Big 1-day Program: $880.00 (includes GST)

In both the Teachers Manual and the Children's Wordbook there are
10 topics (see more):
1.   Success
2.   Positive and Negative Habits
We think in pictures
4.   The Courage to Change
6.   Being Me
7.   Goals
8.   The Goal Card
9.   Circle of Success
10. Games and Puzzles

Each topic takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.



PLUS Bonus: 1 bookset “My Imagination Heals” (Written by the same author of Think Big Create programs). SUPPORTIVE RESOURCE FOR THE SCHOOL CHAPLIN OR COUNSELLOR.
Contact Michelle Tremolada on 0403 526 429 to make a booking or for more information
www.thinkBIGcreate.com                  admin@thinkBIGcreate.com