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The Stick Person

Dr Thurman Fleet

"Dr. Thurman Fleet, One of the Greatest Healers Ever"

Dr. Thurman Fleet was a chiropractor who practiced in the first half of the 1900's in SanAntonio, TX. His practice was so busy that the city had to re-route traffic patterns in order to accommodate the people going to his office. His practice grew so fast that he had to move 3 times in order to conform with fire hazard codes.

He sometimes saw 500patients per day. The family members of most of the prominent medical doctors in Texas at the time were Dr. Fleet's patients. People came to Dr. Fleet from all over to be helped to heal from practically any dis-ease. The healing results that Dr. Fleet's patients achieved were unequaled. 

After realising that we "think in pictures" Dr Fleet invented the concept of the Stick Person so he had a picture of what the mind looked like. With this picture he was able to explain to his patients how we think and how our thoughts are forming our future.





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